We all get gratitude…

or do we?

Parents raised us to “Say thank you to (whoever gave you those socks.)” It was a little like the bit about saying you’re sorry. It was well meant. Designed to help us live in a world with less grief from family, friends and strangers. Yet, I think it may have been confusing too. Programming children’s feelings is trick business. When not tempered with some authentic wisdom and lots of compassionate humor it supports the proliferation of therapists and  Big Pharma tends to get a bit carried away.


Say Thank you, Dear.

Ok… the Archmage taught me to start by reviewing the definition of the core word(s) involved. This time let’s keep it simple –


Noun:  the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful.

Now, let’s break it down.



 The Three Gratitudes

  1. For those things that we know and enjoy
  2. For that which is quiet or hidden
  3. For those things we’d prefer to deny


 Those Things We Find Agreeable

For example, we may be grateful when…

Someone says what you want them to say

They stop talking after the previous

When someone acts the way you want them to act

When we behave as we think we should

When “it” feels good

When we think our government treats us well

When our team wins

When we get to spend good time with those we love/honor/admire Etc

Beautiful day (whatever that is for you)

When TSA is fast and smooth

When the plane lands

When the surgery goes well

When service is “good”

Your new Tesla (Audi, Kia, etc)

The Officer lets you go with a warning

A short line at the DMV

A warning (rather than a ticket)

A ticket (to your favorite venue)

A winning lottery ticket

YOUR big dog

 Your examples here


 Gratitude changes everything

Items of Gratitude That May Elude Us

When we don’t have a headache

When our children don’t call because everything is going well

When we pass the Highway Patrol that we don’t see…while (accidentally) doing the speed limit perfectly

When our pineal or thyroid glands work without a hitch

When we take the next breath, the next heart beat with NO conscious effort

When breathing comes easily

When war is narrowly averted…and we hear nothing of it

When someone stands up for us or otherwise supports us in ways that we will never know

When a bee, scorpion, pit viper, dangerous spider, etc doesn’t sting or bite us

When a loved one gets through it before we even know that there is an it

When that asteroid or comet misses

When the New Years bullet returns to earth having done no harm

The accident that happens behind us

Your examples here


gratitude-511028_640 for all of it

For That Which We THINK We’d Prefer to Deny

Those things that irritate or hurt us

Those things we just plain don’t like

Those people we deem as wrong

Those who we find unlovable

Those who we are certain should not have been born

Especially those people and things that pain us or the ones we love

People who cut us off in traffic

Critical mass


Hitler (current archetypal ‘bad’ guy)

People who don’t share our beliefs in one way or another

THEIR big dog

Anything that ‘messes up’ your world


Your examples here


What we may often do with those things that fall into this last list…gratitude-2

Condemn them or deny them.

But how would it change us if, while not joining them, we relinquish the need to compete with, overpower, or most likely of all deny them? What if we grant them being?

Can we love someone while partially disagreeing with them? (We never COMPLETELY disagree with anyone). Or does everyone have to meet our personal standards for us to find a place for them in the one world we have?

Do our children have to live the lives we select for them, for us to love them? And to the extent that we levy our judgments and approvals, before we can love…how’s that working?

A good Twelve Step Group (and these vary like anything else – but I have attended such meeting houses that have been, in the truest and deepest sense a church and caring community) can illuminate this point. Here people find each other and do that which most of us fail to grasp. And that is or perhaps begins with coming to love those that don’t behave as we (or themselves) would have them behave…and that includes ourselves. The extent to which we cannot love/accept/acknowledge ourselves, our errant family, friends, government, nation, etc…is the extent to which we loose access to benefits beyond our current imagining, while not helping things improve at all.




Want to be a revolutionary? Talk to the people with whom you DON’T agree…and, yes, LISTEN…really listen to them. Ok…I can tell this needs a bit of qualification. Listening is NOT about being able to have your internal bot play back what they just said. Listening is not getting your rebuttal ready as the Other is still talking (because they just said some OMGawd awful stupid thing.) Listening, in this case means hearing it from their point of view, at least this one time. Listening does not mean you will or won’t agree now or later. It means you give even the most heinous character both airtime and benefit. Might be a good idea to not answer right away.

Grant these being. Start by acknowledging how different they are from how we would have them be…and then go the next step and see if you can see that they are remarkably similar to yourself in some way(s). When we arrive at forgiveness (for not being right, like me) we can glimpse who we truly are. As long as we believe that differences of opinion make us or break us as humans…we’ll never truly know ourselves, or, for that matter…what the hell is going on.

Don’t do it for them…do it for you.



ABRAHAM-HICKS: Grateful No Matter What


Gratitude Diet 1

  1. Get a notebook or journal.
  2. Give it a title like “Appreciations” or “My Gratitude Journal”
  3. Start by writing down, at the end of each day, three things you’re grateful for.
  4. Increase the number of gratefuls by one each day (or two) until you can do ten with ease.
  5. Maintain this for at least 21 days.


THE STORY OF OLD LI: (An Ancient Chinese Proverb)

An old man tills the field with his son, one horse and a plow. This, along with his simple home, represents his entire estate.

Yet everyone who meets old Li notices an ever present, if faint, smile that shows through the lined writing of his face.

One day, while plowing with his horse they turn over a rock and a snake is disturbed. Li’s horse is startled too and bolts, heading out into the distance.

Li’s neighbors come to bring their condolences, saying: “Oh poor old Li. You are so unlucky. You’ve lost your only horse. How will you and your son fare? This is a terrible thing.”

Li simply replies– “We’ll see.”

The next day Li and his son plow the field; taking turns pulling the plow. Then, a day later they hear the pounding of hooves and look up to see their horse return with two strong equine friends.

Li’s neighbors come to see the good luck for themselves, saying – “Oh Li, you are the luckiest man we know! Look at how you and your son benefit. The gods love you above all others!”

Li continues his smile and replies – “We’ll see.”

So now Li and his son think to sell one horse to buy another plow and thereby make up for lost time. But while the son rides the new mare to the market (she’s never been ridden before and is quite nervous about this new turn) she rears and drops Li’s son, whose leg is broken in the fall.

Li’s neighbors come to express their condolences, saying: “Poor old Li. He is the most unlucky man we know. You’ve got three horses but your son has broken a leg. How will you fare? This is a terrible thing.”

Li smiles gently and says only – “We’ll see.”

The next day General Teng arrives with a huge retinue of soldiers. He’s headed to the northern border to defend the realm and has come to collect all able bodied young men for the campaign…but alas, Li’s son does not fit the description and the general rides off with several other young men, leaving a road filled with distressed parents.

Li’s neighbors come to see his good luck for themselves, saying – “Oh Li, you are the luckiest man we know! Look at how you and your son benefit. The gods love you above all others!”

That was years ago. To this day Li still greets every day and everyone with a soft smile.


Completing Humanities Longest Running Experiment

Alchmeist 1

It started as a provincial experiment… and then it went viral.


Meme: a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition and replication in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.

Or, in other words a meme is the core idea or video, etc, that goes viral. The meaning of the word “meme” has itself behaved like a virus, evolving to evoke the idea of a seed paradigm, a thought that is a progenitor of a family of thoughts or models.

Our world is currently facing a sequence of oncoming calamities. Uncle Albert was on target when he pointed out that –

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

– Albert Einstein

We simply must choose some radically new paths while letting go some deep and longstanding habits. I would go further to say that our tasks is to do this while accelerating our use of time (in an already accelerated world) and to do this we must actually gain control of several of our root memes. We HAVE to be WILLING TO QUESTION EVERYTHING. Including some sacred cows. Usually these fundamental thoughts are taken as A Priori (something that is so self-evident that it needs no proof.) But are they, really?

 “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

– Albert Einstein

Here are a few preliminary perspectives to help us move forward:

  1. Axiom 1: It is not necessary to know how to do something to take it on and get it done. If that were so, we would have nothing, we would be nothing. If the inventor of the car needed to know how to make a car before setting out to invent it…there would currently be no autos. In every case the desire to create comes before knowing how to and then we create how to do it as we go. After that it’s a matter of repetition. Same goes for walking…first desire, then will to do it, then achievement.
  2. Axiom 2: Until we step outside of the box, we may not know that there is a box, or that we are trapped in the box… with this there’s no way forward.
  3. A posteriori 1: How do we step outside of the box when we’re barely aware of the box? Through the use of the mind as a tool rather than the mind using us as its tool. Our intuition can take us out of the box if we learn to use it instead of letting mind run us.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

– Albert Einstein

OK, if we basically agree on these we’re suited up and prepared for our expedition. The destination…

The Money Meme

Money is not necessary.

Not even a little bit. It’s an experiment that we’ve engaged for several millennia that is finally coming to fruition. We now have all the necessary data that a rational scientist would need to come to some conclusions. However, very few of us are scientists and far fewer still are rational. We are, instead, human-beings and possess other strengths that we must come to utilize in time to, well, survive our research projects.

In fact, the only purpose I have been able to solidly identify for the current existence of money boils down to this simple point:

Money is designed to get people to do what they do NOT want to do.  It is a primary path to the usurpation of free will. I have done the math on this 7 ways from Sunday and that’s what it always boils down to.

So I have two simple questions for you (and I will pose them more than once – because ‘it’s a process’):

  1. Are you pro free will?
  2. Are you interested in or at least curios about life in a world beyond money?

I am not asking you for or presenting you with ways to get there. I am NOT interested in providing specific paths to get there. This tends to be the single biggest distraction that our resistance generates regarding this question. So with that out of the way…let’s  look at some of our primary blocks.

Some Common Concerns:

  1. How would we pay for things or know what anything is worth without money?
  2. How will we eat, have housing, survive?
  3. In general terms how will we conduct business?
  4. Are you suggesting Barter? That’s way too cumbersome!
  5. I don’t see how we’d ever get there.
  6. Do you have a BETTER idea!?

I’m going to reduce these to three broad categories:

  1. How will we get there/Do you have a better idea? (Note Albert’s 2nd quote and Axiom 1))
  2. How will I get people to do those things I’m not willing or able to do?
  3. How will I get my stuff?

chemistry 1







Mackle: [mak-uh l].

Noun: A blur in printing, as from a double impression.

Verb :  (Used with object), verb (used without object),mackled, mackling. To blur, as from a double impression in printing.

Transmission of Value

Supply and demand are the most common metrics for setting value. This is followed by the concept of ‘transmission of value’ which is predicated on the notion that money provides some stability of value. Some would say that the value is in the eye of the beholder and therefore we need a way to universally agree on that value and that without money (or some other abstract method of valuation) there would be no perception of value or there would be no way to share value.

With this we can see how we get our value from money. That is to say we value some people more and others less based on the amount of money that they have or can generate.  There are other criteria by which we assign value.

Yet transmission of value is based on the perception of lack, which is a created perception that is not real. In other words – “Transmission of value?” Why?

What Do We Truly Lack?

Certainly not diamonds.

Example: In the early 80’s I was a co-owner/operator of a business that hosted a (if not the first) gem stone market index. This was all about establishing the values of gem stones; many of which are used solely for investment purposes. Eventually we were approached by DeBeers Consolidated Mines. They wanted to purchase the system to secure a way to better control the valuation of diamonds which had been thought to be rare. In fact diamonds were not and are not rare. Of course the largest and clearest and most unique are rare but otherwise not. This had begun to come to light toward the end of the previous decade. To maintain their value by rarity, the cartel actually scuttled a ship load of some of their ‘best’ diamonds somewhere in the deepest part of the North Sea. Waste is one of the best ways to maintain lack.

Certainly not fuel.

Example: Many cars, trucks and even heavy equipment can be run almost as is on alcohol (ethanol). Ethanol can be distilled from organic matter grown for that purpose or food waste, even at a community based, local industrial, level. The American farming industry, in that era prior to its takeover by Agri-biz, was powered by pollution free alcohol until it was rerouted to petroleum during prohibition.

This was the fuel of choice throughout the US and much of Europe prior to the petroleum revolution (led by John D Rockefeller.) Alcohol was the fuel that powered German mobility during the Second World War; making severance of the fuel supply line almost impossible, since it was being produced provincially.

Currently the vast majority of cars on the road could be converted to alcohol. If it’s not already a Flex Fuel vehicle there may need to be modifications to the computer. Too much trouble for clean cheap fuel? I wonder why most of us have never heard of this.

Certainly not food.

Example: Here’s something you may not have known: In 2008, we grew enough food for 11 billion people. (Video version) We are a planet of approximately 7 billion people. What happened to the excess?

Funding the Cure

The principle of rapid breakdown and replace or breakdown and repair is nowhere better demonstrated than in marriage between the MedTech-Pharmaceutical and the Banking industries. There are so many approaches to this that we’ll need to pick one. How about researching disease cures?

We think that research is about finding ways to cure disease. It is not. Research is most often intended to create maintenance drugs and protocols. It is rapidly becoming clear that there will be no cure for AIDS and there will probably be no cure for cancer (at least until it can be replaced with something that we find at least as engaging and frightening; say for example – Ebola.) However we will have great success in developing maintenance pharmacology to sustain any illness or disease that shows up, for the duration of the patient’s life; and we will be ‘eternally’ grateful for these. That is to say we will go from being people to being patients, until death do us (patients and Big Pharma) part. As long as we are maintained on those drugs we will be paying money to the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. All talk of cure soon degenerates into the incremental hope for one more day of survival. People will pay for survival every single day for the rest of their lives. A cure provides only a single payday. Cancer will never be cured. The common cold will never be cured. But we will forever generate wonder drugs to help us feel better while we harbor these necessary diseases. Why are they necessary? Is it natural? No. It’s fiscal. It’s by intention.

In Closing Part 1

I am grateful for the opportunity to finally begin this communication. Third time’s the charm.

I have tried to get this one out at least twice in the past. I’ve written this blog, in its entirety, and in each case prior to publication…the whole thing has disappeared. The first time it was somehow disappeared from two or three separate storage devices; two hard drives and one thumb drive. Nothing else seemed to have been lost. The second time vanished a hand written version on PAPER, while in the process of being transcribed to a digital file. Let me clarify by saying that I DON’T believe it was erased by the NSA or some other surveillance organization. And I seriously doubt it was tampered with by sprites, demons, ifreets, djinn, ghosts, archons or any other such characters. More likely than not it’s been my own unconscious resistance to enter this conversation, publicly. Although one can never know for certain.

But, what the hell. Let’s do this. Let’s talk about the unspeakable. Isn’t that what we do here?


Next we’ll continue to examine the twists in our minds, those assumptions that have made this topic unthinkable. We’ll take a moment to muse what a world without money might look like; for example finding out how we might still manage to get our “stuff.” We’ll also get to what this has to do with free will. You may remember that we took a brief foray into that topic a little while back. We’ll meet a few pundits of the money topic (maybe one of them has some answers.) And finally we’ll circle back to find a reason for bringing to light what is, in any event, inevitable; the end of money.

Until next time… Bon fete’!


This time all the relevant extras have been embedded in the text. For your convenience, they were:

One of Michael Pollen’s Food Rules which demonstrates that hunger is not based on true lack:

Here’s something you may not have known: In 2008, we grew enough food for 11 billion people.


Alcohol, the pollution free, corporate free, easy to access fuel of past and future. Here you will find an interview with David Blume, author of “Alcohol Can Be A Gas.


The real costs and worth of extending life. One economic look at what we are willing to pay to stay alive…and more.



Free Will Part One


Oh no…Free Will. What a bother…

Part One of the “Free Will” Series


Means just that – Free Will!

Now that includes the use of one’s free will to give up that very same self-determination AND that plugs into other’s free will to impose their will on, well, you. If you exercise your free will to relinquish it (your free will) this can nicely dovetail with another’s (free) will to subjugate.

It’s all quite fair and galactically legal.

Now, if you relinquish your free will for, say, comfort or even luxury (fancy comfort), or perhaps for the illusion of power, and your keepers decide, at a later date, to take your stuff (‘cause it’s really their stuff), imprison, kill or even eat you – so be it. You chose to relinquish your free will.

If you decide to plead the case – ‘I didn’t see it coming’, or perhaps ‘He LIED to me!’ Well – Boo hoo.

If you think this is an academic topic, you are deeply asleep.

If you think this is a moot point, you have taken the blue pill and need not visit this blog conversation again… enjoy your life, see you on the other side.

What CAN one do to acquire (arguably – recover) one’s free will?


This is what a great number of blogs are about…though some are about capturing your free will, as stated above. So that (the former) being the case, let’s keep it as simple as possible.

  1. Reconsider and choose again. Sincerely choose to regain your free will. If you choose this path, declare it out loud. Actually speak it.
  2. Dig deep. Learn to look into your heart and ask yourself to give yourself an honest answer re. how and where you have relinquished your personal will. This option is not truly open to most people as most of us have lost the knack for hearing the truth; particularly from ourselves.
  3. Learn to look for the signs of subjugation. Scour the news until you find someone, some group of people that you KNOW is subjugated by someone or something. For you this might be Republicans, or Democrats, or politicians who have sold themselves or those who believe in a fundamental religion (Christian, Islamic, a cult it doesn’t matter – whichever one sticks out for you.) Then begin to look for those signs that cause you to think that these people are subjugated. Jot these telltales down on a piece of paper. By the way – It IS important that you jot them down. Pretty much anyone using any of these recovery methods should do this piece.
  4. Notice how YOU are subjugated. Notice that you THINK it’s necessary. Most of us believe that life must be filled with that which you don’t want as a trade to get some of what you DO want. And for the most part, most of us have certainly constructed a reality that validates that. Without trying to correct it, simply notice what you trade to live…or rather, survive.
  5. Be honest with yourself about everything all the time. If you think you already are ask yourself these questions:
    • “_Your Name Here_, are you honest with me about everything?” Wait for an answer.
    • “_Your Name Here_, am I honest with you about everything?” Wait for the answer.

Now once you pose these questions continue to pay attention. Their answer will continue to pour in over time. Whenever you sincerely pay attention to your unconscious mind, particularly if you can suspend judgment for moments at a pop, it will reward you by perking up and giving you a real response. It’s rather like a child that has been neglected for a long time. If you change your ways and pay attention to and love it, it will eventually sense your sincerity and respond.

However if, with this question, you immediately hear the answer – ‘Why of course we’re honest with each other all the time,’ you have already taken the blue pill and you need not bore yourself with these conversations again.

I admit – this one’s a toughie. But it IS feasible and the rewards are high.

6. Get help from someone who is committed to your “empowerment.” This can be tricky. On one hand getting some good qualified support will tend to quicken your path. On the other hand people often trick themselves into joining those who are committed to subjugation. There are communities of sincere seekers; yet often even these are peppered with ‘those who know better’; you know, those who know what’s best for you. The key here, as well as with any of the above, is your sincerity and willingness to look at yourself and your world honestly, and the willingness to listen to your intuition. Self validate! It may take some practice to discern the difference between your intuition and those deprecating voices from the past. I emphasized the latter because it’s usually the louder of the two – certainly during the earlier stages of these practices.

OK… that’s all for Part One. Good luck to all of you who have chosen the Red Pill. Those that have chosen the Blue Pill don’t need my best wishes.


Closing Number:  433

How to: Hacking Your Own Mind: A way back to choice

Recommended Podcast: When Free Will Plays Tricks on You. The Love and Radio Podcast.

Guest Web or Blog: Snap Judgment

If you found this one soothing, let me know.

If you found this one irritating, well, that’s good to know too.

Hunting Where There Is No Game





I got to Berdo’s house pretty late in the day and knocked using the tarnished brass ring in the lion’s jaw. I hear him busily moving about in the lights-bright living room just on the other side of the door. Getting no answer, I resort to that obnoxious buzzer to get his attention. This finally brings. Berdo to the door, looking distracted and flustered.

It was easy to see that something was up, but not as yet obvious exactly what. A moment to look around showed a room that had been tossed.

“What ARE you looking for?” I had to ask, ready to pitch in to see if I could help bring this to a close right quick; so that we could get on with something a little more fun and less bothersome.

With some distress he chimes “I lost my ring earlier, and I’d better get it back before Jen gets home.”

“That’s the truth!” I say and hop right in to start looking beneath and behind where once had been cushions on the couch. I get nothing from the upholstered furnishings and then, of course, think of the worst case scenario and head into the kitchen to look around the sink and peer into the drain with a headlamp…

No good.

Then I think to ask the same dumb questions everyone always asks, starting with “Where did you last see it? When do you think you were last wearing it?”

Berdo – “Just about 45 minutes ago. Right out back.”

“What? Where?”

“Out back. I was diggin in the yard till sundown. “

“Do you think you lost it back there?”

“Yeah, probably.”

“Why are you looking for it in here?”

He looks at me and says, completely on the level, “Cause it’s dark out there.”

And Then You Find Out Your New Neighbors Are…

In Case of Grizzly

In Case of Grizzly


Do not panic – your safety depends on remaining calm. If the bear clacks its teeth together, “woofs,” pants, growls or slaps its feet on the ground, it is warning you to back off.

  • Do not run or make sudden movements.
  • Back away very slowly.
  • Talk quietly to the bear, do not shout.
  • Group together, pick up small children
  • Leave your pack on for added protection.
  • Avoid direct eye contact with the bear



Have you ever experienced that moment when something that matters to you is, for the most part, out of your hands?

There comes a point when you look at a goal you’re attempting to achieve, or perhaps something you’ve been working to create and you see that you’ve done everything you can to make it happen…and now you just have to sit back and trust the process. Knowing that whatever comes out the other end will be the best possible result, no matter how it seems at first?

I would wager that you have. If you really haven’t had this experience you may be too young to be reading this material or you may want to look into what HH the Dalai Lama refers to as “Loving Kindness.” If the latter case fits you – stop here and look that up.

Recently that’s shown up for me as “I’ve done all I can do for now. Now it’s time to wait.” Patience and impatience are both necessary in the creative process.


Yeshua Takes a Nap


While We’re Waiting ….

About a year and a half ago, right in the middle of moving from our home of ten years (awkward) I hosted a retinue of angels. They were not announced as Archangels, though I must say they felt, to me like Archangels. Through several lives I have had dealings with angels in particular and other non-human or post-human ‘spirit’ forms as well. It has been alleged that one of my previous personalities (not this incarnation – this was a few centuries ago) was primarily responsible for retrieving the Enochian language, which is still used in some magickal circles, to this day, to commune with many life forms in the spirit world. Yet, I only became conscious of this, as contact with Angelic beings, about 3 or 4 years ago. I’d often had a sense that many of the ideas that moved through me were not ‘mine’ but I’d never delved into their source, I had some vague sense that they were ‘from out there’ – something from another level of energy and being other than my tethered base, here at the Daily Planet; same place we all work. This was particularly true once I became sharply attuned to music and eventually joined a band. I’d channel flows of experience; and because I rarely ‘practiced’ (only played) I would often suffer tremendous cramping in my hands and arms. Mid-concert my hands might lock-up, bringing members of our band to the rescue with blue valiums to ensure we’d complete our gig. What ever it was, it wanted to come through.

Finally and rather suddenly one morning a few year ago while writing I found a distinct and definitive voice coming through, that was not mine. Though my conversational capacity is not currently at its peak, I can still communicate with several Archangels (some very well known) and a few (as they are popularly referred to these days) ‘ascended masters.’

Recently I’ve come to understand that many angelic beings are headed for incarnation on several earths. Though I can speculate, I don’t fully understand what is meant by the use of plural earths – so no need to ask me what this means. I’ll tell you when I know more.

Though they have mastered higher dimensions they are coming here for the ‘physical experience.’ Before long many beings, that we think of as ‘of a higher order’ will be coming to earth to experience embodied enlightenment. The material plane has become and is about to become an even more interesting and perhaps crowded place; although who knows, given the plural earths buisness. Humans have a great deal to do with ‘selling’ the big move to matter. We have demonstrated something(s) that has drawn great interest. What do you think that could be?

Now would be a good time for us to stand, brush off our dusty genes, claim ourselves, be the masters that we intend to be and allow this world to metamorphose; as it is wont to do.

Extra Points

Great examples of modern day mastery:

These people are masters who demonstrate transformation through their very specific windows; changing lives (in deep and meaningful ways that must make the psychiatric skin crawl); reshaping reality through their being.

More New Neighbors: Snowy Owls Moving to Florida

Having Fun with Angelic Incarnations

Perhaps every form of media, from paintings, books, movies, TV shows and even video games have portrayed human – angel contact, either to higher or disastrous effect. I like movies so here are just a few:

Helpful or Guardian Angels In Movies

A Life Less Ordinary 

It’s a Wonderful Life

The Heavenly Kid




(Materiallly) Incarnating Angels

Wings of Desire and remake City of Angels

The Bishop’s Wife and remake The Preacher’s Wife


Meet Joe Black

Supernatural (TV Series – beginning Season 4, Ep 1) I find this handling creative, provacative and entertaiing.

Date with an Angel


Mischeivious Angels



The Prophecy series

Here’s a longer list of Angel related movies. Also see IMDB for more info.

What difference does this make?  Why do I bring this up now?  Wow…only a human or a cat would ask such a question. Kinda funny coming from a species that made the movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” possible!


Detect Magick: Addendum 1

Ooooo, I'm All Wobbley

Ooooo, I’m All Wobbley

Back in the late 60s one of the spokespersons for the Great Transition (the Hippy movement, Counter Culture, The Psychedelic Awakening, Yippy Culture, etc), by the name of Stephen Gaskin, identified the 11th Commandment as “You do too know what I mean.” I would bring that up to date by rephrasing it – “You do know.” I’d guess Gaskin would amend that to ‘You do know and you know you know.’

That some people will look at this and remember that only a few days ago I also said something to the effect – ‘Knowing is the enemy of learning.’ Still true. The only way this boggles the mind is our insistence that if one thing is true the other must be false. And this takes us back to our conversation about dialectics. Duality is one of the strongholds of denial. Us vs. Them, This or That, Either/Or. These syllogisms run our lives and rob us of true and deep joy. I can’t even begin to enumerate the ways in which this carries on. So, I will stick with the topic at hand…Detecting Magick.

Many people believe that magick is antithetical to logic and rationality. It is not. It IS a larger set than rationality AND it does NOT exclude rationality. Mages must have an excellent and exquisite grasp of rationality to move forward or at least to not die. They must also be profoundly in touch with their intuitive, vaporous and fluid mind and emotions. Emotions are not bound by rationality. If you don’t know this for certain, you have not yet perceived yourself with an adequate rationality…It means you are overly balanced toward your emotion (an irrational need to appear more rational than you are) and have not addressed your intuition (where you would see the inter play between this oil and water set.) Does that bug you?

Either or?

Either or?

You don’t need to sit with your chin on your hand to try to figure this out… just GET it… you can sense that this is so. You really do KNOW…but believe me, the mind in most humans is dead set against seeing this. Which brings me to the next point –


Well that speaks to a sacred cow of the intellectually well endowed. Your mind is no more your friend than that ‘pet’ tiger of Roy Horn’s was his friend. Roy was quoted as saying “Montecore is a great cat. Make sure no harm comes to Montecore.” I’m sure he was fond of that cat even as he lay bleeding in transit to the trauma unit…but I’m also sure he knew this cat was not his friend. In the moment your ‘friend’ shoots you, because you pissed him/her off, you may realize this is not your friend. Likewise our mind has many, many reflexes that do not serve us. Like a giant cat or a random meeting with a dragon, we do well to keep an eye on the mind; because this trickster has been known to be the cause of most suicides; almost universally perceived to be a logical decision by the subject. Don’t think too hard on this… you do too know what I mean.

Magick is alive and well in this world. It has been shape-shifting into a variety of paradigms; again, I can’t enumerate them. One of my favorite ‘hiding places of Magick’ is marketing. It’s most often a hiding place of “Dark” or “Black Magick” which is a type of magick that usually involves some form of eviscerating free will.  In lieu of the EXTRAS usually found at the end of these conversations, in this release I will simply include a relevant experience as follows:


Note the Polymorphing (many forms) spells or Shape-shifting spells used to affect human thought and perception in the example link below. Polymorphing spells are used to change the form of oneself, an object or other living being, to cause it/them to look, feel or otherwise become recognizable as something or someone else. Shape-shifting usually refers to a magickal person or being who changes themselves; often as disguise or to gain the ‘power’ of the thing they’ve become. The practice of “passing” in the old South is an example of shape-shifting. Some shaman are noted for shape-shifting abilities and are reported to become various animals.

In the links below is a powerful polymorphic spell at work… see if you can detect the magick being done here and what kinds of effects it may have.  Does it seem to play at the edges of eroding free will? Has anyone died, or suffered quality of life in the process? Does it effect many or few?

Detect –

Upworthy version vs YouTube version. (I’m joking here…forming a duality/competition). This is a VERY short piece so no excuses for missing this doorway out of the dungeon.

Marketing 201

This stuff would never work on me.

Guest Blog or Website: A Master of Weird splains it to you Lucy. Hahahahaha….


Detect Magick

spider-sense - Why

Moments of extreme beauty happen more often than we acknowledge…too busy.  ‘Funny’ things happen all the time. Little oddities, quaint happenings, weirdness, etc. And we like to think of them that way. We laugh at them sometimes and put them on that shelf in the mind that’s set aside for “Weird Things” and go on about our business – the business of making life ‘normal.’


Last night I went to hear one of the great maestro teachers of our time, Dr. Claudio Naranjo, who was speaking at CIIS in SF. I’d never been there before, but it was on Mission Street, so how hard could it be to find. I was going with my friend, Meg, and so was scheduled to pick her up at 6:15 to make the 7:00 curtain. AOK. Leave home by 5:45, go along the coast highway; should be a breeze.

Reality sets in. I leave at 5:55. I decide to go across the City since traffic has been forgiving (last Friday I made it from the Northeast Bay area to my little coastal town in 75 minutes, including going out of my way to get gas; all during rush hour – ‘Weird.’) I don’t take the “Great Highway.” Now I’m in a parking lot heading into one of those

The Road to...

ganglia that make rush hour so much fun. Traffic continues to be horrendous and I’m nowhere near my pick up point by 6:40.

Long story short – I pick up my companion, we drive through SF rush hour to the place, park in downtown SF ½ block away and land in time to get decent seats and be in them well before festivities begin – 80% of which turns out to be about stuff Meg and I had talked about earlier that day. The precision of the synchronicity meant I had to move that event off the “Weird” shelf and put it into the “Uncanny” box.

One of my best spells, from earliest I can remember, has been “Detect Magic.” For those who have experience with the game Dungeons and Dragons, you may recall a spell of that name from the game. It grants the “magic user” the ability to sense when magic is present or has been present in a given area. Well that’s just a game, and perhaps a silly one at that; or not. However, I must admit the real Detect Magick as a talent that has served me well over the years. My current perception and understanding of magick stems, in great part, from this tiny, beginner’s spell functioning in ‘real’ life.

Don’t Get Stuck on What Magick is Supposed to Look Like and You’ll See More of It

We’ll talk more on this at a later date, but collapsing time and folding space do not necessarily show up as one might expect. These things occur as they occur. Great things are often hidden in plain sight. It’s like anything else. If you notice it, you will notice more. Awareness breeds awareness. If you dismiss it as just another weird thing… it will fall into the cute-box-of-weird-things. And that catch-all will accrue more and more of life until you finally achieve an existence devoid of all mystery in which everything, including our own bad behavior, is explained by two-dimensional scientists.  I wouldn’t wish that on my cat…who, by the way, does not have that problem.

I’ve seen things and been places – simply by noticing them. It all starts small.

You may think – “I know nothing of magic” (much less magick), or “why would I bother with this, I’m not going into theater,” or simply – “what difference does it make? Or perhaps, “how can I learn to do this?”

It’s not necessary to bore you with the nuts and bolts of ‘how to.’ However I will point in a useful direction; one that will come up in these chats again and again…

Release Fear and Exercise Curiosity 

A true interest in yourself, and the world around you will lead you to life. Learning is your friend and knowing is a very testy companion. Knowing does not get along well with learning…Learning creates flexibility, strength, excitement and wonder…knowing can stiffen your joints and weigh you down. Children learn and experience fabulous joy… adults sometimes know too much and nurse anxiety and depression for years at a time.

So instead of classifying things, in a usual way, that may seem a little off beat look at them again…just notice; also notice you don’t fully ‘get it.’ Notice that there may be fear in not getting it, in not knowing how, why, what about everything. We don’t need to ignore it because we don’t know. Get curious. And yes…you will find huge vistas of ‘got no clue,’ even about yourself. Instead of making sense of it – let your spider sense tingle… Noticing, that’s your Detect Magic spell.

Feel What’s Been Refused

Look in places near and far. Look into the eyes of your loved ones and pets. Look at things so simple it might escape your notice. Feel what’s been refused feeling –

One morning I went to the top of Haleakala, one of the taller volcanoes in Hawaii, about 40 minutes before dawn. It was crushingly cold at that time of day: freezing, up there in the dark. Slowly, began the daily-taken-for-granted miracle of the rising sun. It gleamed in a most magnanimous and silent blaze of cascading warmth; such a welcomed warmth – beaming unmistakably. Or so I thought. Out of the silence of a breathless crowd came the voice loud and clear, “IS IT UP YET?”

Oh, btw, all the magick you detect may not be…what we think of as wonderful stuff. Nonetheless, it is already present, whether you are aware of it or not. Trust your spider sense.

Now you're getting the hang of it!

Now you’re getting the hang of it!


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